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Responsive Website Designing
Idea To Business

We work with more type of inovative ideas and stand with the treanding design

Make your online portal with us  chevron_right

Any Current E-com website to Mobile Application

We put your complex E-Com website to the Mobile application. To reach the high number of audience.
The Treand is Mobile E-Com

PettaCode Also in..

Move your web app as Android Appication

We design your web app to the mobile application in the easy way. We design with Android Material Design to make the stand in Trending market.

Branding with 3D design

Design your uniqu product with 3D design trail before showing it to the market. This will help you save the cost and lead to travel in the new way for show case your product.

Barcode Service

Once your product is ready for the market you need to give a unique number for the eacy capcture of online business. We provide you the unique product code and help you aprouch with the marketing skils.

E-Com [ Online Shopping ] App

We will help you to design your online custom shopping application and built the supported Android Application

E-Com [ Online Shopping ]

Custom based online E-com based custom website. We help you start the business in the short time.

And more different Services

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